In attendance: n/a

@MIT: n/a

Absent: n/a

  • Winter meeting
    1. Kevin and Nathan need to e-mail Meg and Ed and see when they can do this. Needs to be during February on a Tuesday or a Thursday.
    2. Lizzie will e-mail them to remind them
    3. Nathan was going to run this meeting again? Yes pretty sure.
  • Check up on Eesh about JP swag planning
    1. Ryan is the point person and ask him what his progress is?
    2. Designs need to be solicited/what swag do people want
    3. Want to have them available for prospective students to buy?
  • Budget news
    1. Julia will poke the OGE
  • GSC Reps Changeover
    1. DRAMA. GSC wants to take away one of our reps because JP/EAPS has been double counted.
    2. Lizzie and Rachel will skype with Eva and Martin
  • Any news on MIT room
    1. Rachel thinks that the transition to the new room is starting now
  • Winter Retreat
    1. It’s planned and sign ups are out!
  • Photo Board has been updated-- Get photos to Joleen before January if you have more
  • Steinbach Scholars
    1. PO: Leif Thomas
    2. All-student: Dawn Wright